Madison Hobley

  “Madison Hobley was one of 14 African American men sentenced to death based on confessions—alleged or acknowledged—obtained by a group of Chicago police officers later shown to have engaged in systematic torture of suspects in criminal cases. “Four officers claimed Hobley admitted setting a fire that claimed the lives of his wife, infant son, … Read More

Anthony Holmes

  Anthony Holmes is one of the first known torture survivors. On May 30, 1973, former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and Detective John Yucaitis repeatedly electrically shocked Holmes with the electric shock box and suffocated him with plastic bags, while subjecting him to racial epithets and threats. As a result of this torturous interrogation … Read More

Darrell Cannon

  Darrell Cannon is one of the most well-known torture survivors who has courageously spoken out about the torture he endured at the hands of Area 2 Detectives and while incarcerated at Tamms Correctional Center, a supermax prison in Illinois. On November 2, 1983, Cannon alleges he was threatened with a gun, subjected to “Russian” … Read More