Darrell Cannon is one of the most well-known torture survivors who has courageously spoken out about the torture he endured at the hands of Area 2 Detectives and while incarcerated at Tamms Correctional Center, a supermax prison in Illinois.
On November 2, 1983, Cannon alleges he was threatened with a gun, subjected to “Russian” roulette, repeatedly electric shocked on his testicles and penis with a cattle prod, and continuously subjected to racial eptithets by Sergeant John Byrne and Detective Peter Dignan, Burge’s right hand men at Area 2 Police Headquarters . The torture was committed to elicit a confession, and this confession was subsequently used to wrongfully convict Cannon of murder. Cannon subsequently served close to 24 years in prison, 9 years at Tamms, before he was exonerated and released.
Watch Cannon describe his own torture and read his own description of the torture he endured, a document he created within days of his torturous interrogation from a cell at Cook County Jail.