The CTJM collective is currently working towards building a permanent, public memorial that will honor the resiliency of Burge torture survivors, commemorate the struggle for justice and for reparations for the survivors, and serve as a site for continued community building, healing, and struggle. We expect the city of Chicago to contribute funds to the memorial as it promised with the 2015 Reparations legislation, and as part of its obligation to those who were tortured. However, we also anticipate the need for additional support from our communities. Your contribution would go directly towards constructing the memorial.

Support the memorial by with art by CTJM artists from our online store! OR Bee a Social Justice Pollinator: we’re asking 100 contributors to commit to raising $1,000 between May 2021-2022 to build the Chicago Torture Justice Memorial.

Silk screen print of bees and cone flowers with text reading "Bee a social justice pollinator"

Support the memorial by making a donation of any amount. Donations are tax-deductible, and processed by the Crossroads Fund.

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We are fiscally sponsored by the March 13th fund. Donations are tax-deductible.