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Today, after a moving and powerful presentation in support of the Burge Torture Reparations Ordinance by Connect Force, Elephant Rebellion, KINETIC of Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago, Kuumba Lynx and Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Task Force, Alderman Harry Osterman of the 48th Ward signed on and agreed to co-sponsor the Chicago Police Torture (Burge) Reparations Ordinance.

Now, 29 of the City’s aldermen and women support the Reparations Ordinance!

The movement to pass the Chicago Police Torture Reparations Ordinance is alive and well and building momentum each and every day! We are excited to share with you several promising developments and invite you to join the struggle by attending an upcoming rally, series of teach ins on the Chicago Police torture cases, and meetings at Chicago’s City Council.

Election Results

After Tuesday’s election, we now have two mayoral candidates in the race.   Cook County Commissioner Jesus Chuy Garcia has endorsed the reparations ordinance. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, on the other hand, has not endorsed the ordinance.  CTJM continues to demand that Mayor Emanuel fully support the ordinance and call for an immediate hearing on the ordinance in Chicago City Council’s Finance Committee. (#RahmRepNow). 

Homan Square Exposed, Rally Tomorrow at 6pm

Since the election, the Chicago Police Department’s use of coercive, torturous and abusive tactics are being raised again in the media in response to a series of articles published by Spencer Ackerman in the Guardian about the disappearance of arrestees for excessive number of hours at the Chicago Police Department’s Homan Square.  Many in the media, including Chris Hayes of MSNBC, have noted Chicago’s troubled history with police torture, citing the Burge torture cases and Mayor Emanuel’s failure to provide reparations to the Chicago Police Torture survivors.         

Upcoming Events: #Teach Burge, City Council Hearings, and an Exhibition-In

Further, in support of the Reparations campaign and political self-education, CTJM and Project NIA are launching City Wide Teach-Ins on the Burge Torture cases, entitled #TeachBurge.  We are calling on teachers, educators, organizers and activists to conduct teach-ins on the cases from March 9 through March 22, and we have created a series of materials for you to use here.  One of the first Teach-Ins will be at the Hull House on March 10, from 4 to 6 p.m., please rsvp here if you would like to attend.

Members of CTJM, Project NIA and supporters plan to pack the City Council’s Finance Committee meeting on March 16 at 10 a.m. and the City’s Council meeting on March 18 at 10 a.m., and demand a hearing on the Reparations Ordinance.   The ordinance was filed in October of 2013, and it has sat in the Finance Committee for over a year and half without any action on it.  The torture survivors and their family members have waited long enough to be heard and for justice.

Immediately following Wednesday's City Council meeting, there will be a pop-up art exhibit on reparations. The Exhibition-In, March 18, 12 – 5pm on the 5th floor of City Hall, will address police torture under Burge and underscore the need for immediate redress through the Reparations Ordinance. Individuals and groups are welcome to attend.

Support the Campaign 

Finally, CTJM is comprised of all volunteers and this is a truly grassroots campaign seeking the passage of the Reparations Ordinance.  While we have accomplished so much based on peoples’ power, creativity and generous in kind donations, we still are need of money to help support the work we do.  Please consider donating to CTJM here to help further support the campaign to pass the Reparations Ordinance.

Check out CAN tv's footage of our incredible Rally for Reparations: A People's Hearing last Saturday!

Also, check out this amazing website - 10 Minutes or Less ~ Join the Fight for Reparations for Survivors of Burge Police Torture http://www.activistpr101.com/rahmrepnow.html

Please join us for a People's Hearing to Pass Reparations Now on February 14th from 1pm to 3pm at Chicago Temple located at 77 W Washington St, Chicago, Illinois 60602
The time is now to pass the Reparations Ordinance for Chicago Police Torture Survivors. Chicago has waited too long to provide meaningful redress for over 110 African American men and women tortured by notorious former Police Commander Jon Burge and his detectives. This racially motivated violence included electric shock, sexual abuse, suffocation, and beatings. The City of Chicago has acknowledged this torture, and the UN has called for redress. Yet scores of survivors still suffer from the ongoing impact of the trauma they endured -- without compensation, assistance, or recourse.

The Reparations Ordinance has been stalled in the City Council Finance Committee for over a year. Despite ongoing and repeated re...quests for a public hearing, Finance Committee Chair Ald Burke has not scheduled a hearing, and Mayor Emanuel has failed to take meaningful steps to move the ordinance forward. Therefore, we, the people of the City of Chicago, are holding a People's Hearing.

Mayoral candidates are invited to come and state their position on the Ordinance so that voters know where they stand. The People's Hearing will feature testimonials by survivors of Burge torture and community leaders who will give voice to the specific objectives of the Ordinance. And young poets from Young Chicago Authors will perform original poems inspired by the history of Burge torture and the struggle against it.

Empty words and apologies are not enough. Emanuel, Burke and the City Council must act to pass the Reparations Ordinance. This Valentine's Day, show some heart and love for survivors of Chicago Police Torture.

Organized by The Chicago Torture - Justice Memorials, Project NIA, Amnesty International USA, We Charge Genocide

Co-sponsors: Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project, the #LetUsBreathe Collective, 8th Day Center for Justice, Illinois Coalition Against Torture (ICAT), Grassroots Collaborative, Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN), Heartland Alliance Marjorie Kovler Center, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Chicago Chapter

Check out our storify from last week's action!  https://storify.com/chicagotorture/roll-call-of-supporters-for-torture-survivors-at-c#publicize


Thanks so much for your continued support.  Keep on the pressure by demanding that Rahm Emmanuel support the ordinance and give us an immediate hearing by calling him at calling 312-744-3300!

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