We have a hearing on the Burge Torture Reparations Ordinance in the Finance Committee on April 14, 2015 at 10 a.m!  It will be our opportunity to present the torture survivors and our evidence to members of the Finance Committee and the public and demonstrate why this entire ordinance must be passed. 


It is important for the aldermen and women who support our ordinance to attend that meeting and publicly demonstrate their support for our ordinance with their presence and their votes.


On Wednesday, March 25, please call the finance committee members listed below, and ask them if they plan on attending the finance committee hearing on 4.14.15 at 10 a.m.  Ask them to commit to doing so.  


If you’re unsure who your alderperson is, check here. 


Proco Joe Moreno (1st Ward)

Ward: 773.278.0101

City Hall: 312.744.3063


Pat Dowell (3rd Ward

Ward: 773.373.9273

City Hall: 312.744.8734


William Burns (4th Ward)

Ward: 773.536.8103

City Hall: 312.744.2690


Leslie Hairston (5th Ward)

Ward: 773.324.5555

City Hall: 312.744.6832


Michelle Harris (8th Ward)


City Hall: 312.744.3075

Toni Foulkes (15th Ward)

Ward: 773.863.0220

City Hall: 312.744.6850


Latasha R. Thomas (17th Ward)

Ward: 773.723.0908

City Hall: 312.744.7738

Lona Lane (18th Ward)

Ward: 773.471.1991

City Hall:




Willie B. Cochran (20th Ward)

Ward: 773.955.5610

City Hall: 312.744.6840


Howard Brookins (21st Ward)

Ward: 773.881.9300

City Hall: 312.744.4810


Ricardo Munoz (22nd Ward)

Ward: 773.762.1771

City Hall: 312.744.9491


Daniel Solis (25th Ward)

Ward: 773.523.4100

City Hall: 312.744.6845


Walter Burnett, Jr. (27th Ward)

Ward: 312.432.1995

City Hall: 312.744.6124


Jason Ervin (28th Ward)

Ward: 773.533.0900

City Hall: 312.744.3066


Scott Waguespeck (32nd Ward)

Ward: 773.248.1330

City Hall: 312.744.6567


Carrie Austin (34th Ward)

Ward: 773.928.6961

City Hall: 312.744.6820


Rey Colon (35th Ward)

Ward: 773.365.3535

City Hall: 312.744.6835


Emma Mitts (37th Ward)

Ward: 773.379.0960

City Hall: 312.744.8019


Brendan Reilly (42nd Ward)

Ward: 312.642.4242

City Hall: 312.744.3062


Harry Osterman (48th Ward)

Ward: 773.784.5277


Joe Moore (49th Ward)

Ward: 773.338.5796

City Hall: 312.744.3067