Reparations for Burge torture survivors are close to a final vote! If the City Council approves reparations on May 6th, it will be the first time a city provides reparations for police violence. We need your help supporting the torture survivors and their families, and make sure this historic legislation passes.

The City Council Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on the Reparations for Burge Torture Victims Ordinance at a special session on May 5th, and the full City Council is scheduled to vote for the Reparations Ordinance and Resolution at a special session on May 6th.


We are asking you to call members of the City Council who have already expressed support for the ordinance. The full list is available here, and pasted below. We have a two-part request.

1) Please thank them for their support and ask them to demonstrate that support by attending the City Council on May 6th and voting in favor of the Reparations for Burge Torture Survivors Ordinance and Resolution.

2) For members of the Finance Committee (names in bold), please also ask them to attend a special session of the Finance Committee on May 5th and vote yes on the Ordinance.

Here’s a script that you can use in your calls:

 “Good Afternoon. I understand that Alderman X has already declared their support for the Burge torture survivors ordinance introduced in the City Council in October 2013. I am calling to thank Alderman X for their support and to ask that they attend and vote in support of the ordinance when it is heard in the finance committee on May 5*and when it is heard in the full City Council on May 6. Can you please relay my message to Alderman X? Once again, I thank them for their support and for taking a stand against police torture.”

*only if they are members of the Finance Committee (names in bold)


If your alderperson is not on the list of supporters, and is one of the seventeen who have not expressed support for reparations, you can call them and ask them to vote yes on reparations on May 6th. You can find out who your alderperson is on this website.


Contact List: Aldermen and Women who Support the Reparations Ordinance


Proco Joe Moreno (1st Ward)*

Ward: 773.278.0101

City Hall: 312.744.3063

Robert Fioretti (2nd Ward)


Ward: 312.263.9273

City Hall: 312.744.6836

Pat Dowell (3rd Ward)

Ward: 773.373.9273

City Hall: 312.744.8734

William Burns (4th Ward)

Ward: 773.536.8103

City Hall: 312.744.2690

Leslie Hairston (5th Ward)

Ward: 773.324.5555

City Hall: 312.744.6832

Roderick Sawyer (6th Ward)**


Ward: 773.635.0006

City Hall: 312.744.0670

Michelle Harris (8th Ward)**

Ward: 773.874.3300

City Hall: 312.744.3075

Toni Foulkes (15th Ward)

Ward: 773.863.0220

City Hall: 312.744.6850

Latasha Thomas (17th Ward)**

Ward: 773.723.0908

City Hall: 312.744.7738

Lona Lane (18th Ward)

Ward: 773.471.1991

City Hall: 312.744.6856

Willie B. Cochran (20th Ward)**

Ward: 773.955.5610

City Hall: 312.744.6840

Howard Brookins (21st Ward)*

Ward: 773.881.9300

City Hall: 312.744.4810

Ricardo Munoz (22nd Ward)

Ward: 773.762.1771

City Hall: 312.744.9491

Michael Chandler (24th Ward)


Ward: 773.533.2400

City Hall: 312.744.6839

Daniel Solis (25th Ward)

Ward: 773.523.4100

City Hall: 312.744.6845

Robert Maldonado (26th Ward)


Ward: 773.395.0143

City Hall: 312.744.6853

Walter Burnett, Jr. (27th Ward)

Ward: 312.432.1995

City Hall: 312.744.6124

Jason Ervin (28th Ward)**

Ward: 773.533.0900

City Hall: 312.744.3066

Ariel Reboyras (30th Ward)**

Ward: 773.794.3095

City Hall: 312.744.8576

Scott Waguespeck (32nd Ward)

Ward: 773.248.1330

City Hall: 312.744.6567

Deborah Mell (33rd Ward)


Ward: 773.478.8040

City Hall: 312.744.6825

Carrie Austin (34th Ward)

Ward: 773.928.6961

City Hall: 312.744.6820

Rey Colon (35th Ward)

Ward: 773.365.3535

City Hall: 312.744.6835

Nicholas Sposato (36th Ward)


Ward: 773.836.0036

City Hall: 312.744.7947

Emma Mitts (37th Ward)**

Ward: 773.379.0960

City Hall: 312.744.8019

Brendan Reilly (42nd Ward)

Ward: 312.642.4242

City Hall: 312.744.3062

Michelle Smith (43rd Ward)


Ward: 773.348.9500

City Hall: 312.744.5685


John Arena (45th Ward)


Ward: 773.286.4545

City Hall: 312.744.6841


James Cappelman (46th Ward)


Ward: 773.878.4646

City Hall: 312.744.6831


Ameya Pawar (47th Ward)

Ward: 773.868.4747

City Hall: 312.744.0446


Harry Osterman (48th Ward)**

Ward: 773.784.5277

City Hall: 312.744.6834

Joe Moore (49th Ward)**

Ward: 773.338.5796

City Hall: 312.744.3067


* Original Sponsor of the Ordinance

** Co-sponsor of the ordinance

Bold – member of Finance Committee